Candles HASC IV English I heard this song some years ago and I love it! But i only remember the chorus. Maybe someone could help me out with the rest of the lyrics or even put on the tune - I know that the song is from HASC IV. Thanx!!!!!!!!
Flowers Of Friendship Terry Bishop NONE English This is a song that I have written, and I hope that some person out there will listen to it, and make them happy. Please be patient and listen. It is a published song, and I do own rights to it, so don't try to get it published yourself, because I will find it out. I own the song, I wrote it myself. I am 17 and from Canada, please email me any comments, I apprechiate them greatly.
Jewish music Use this link to find loads of Jewish music CDs.
Yesh Perot C. LuAnn Howe C. LuAnn Howe Hebrew This is a great Hebrew children's song; it's fun to sing.