La Vida Do Por el Raqui Traditional? esterlka uziel Ladino 7/20/03 - found the mp3 on kazaa. Sung by Judy Frankel. I could only find pieces of the lyrics on-line. I filled in the rest myself and corrected some spelling according to my dictionary. I am not completely sure about my translation of "El ya mos haze divorsar". If anyone can translate that line better please do. --------------------- Raqui is/was an aniseed based alcholic drink 01/02/03 N.B.: raqui ("raki", "rakiya" is the Arabic- Turkish word for brandy made of grapes, plums or other fruit. Aniseed brandy is called "mastika".
Stav Ya Pyty folklore Perfromed by the Kleizmer Ensemble 'Simche'