Babi Yar



Yiddish Lyrics

Gey ikh mir fun front mit a groyser freyd,

Vos ikh bin geblibn lebn.

Oy, vi ikh gey arayn in shtot un freg op mayne eygene

Entfert men mir keyner z’nit geblibn

Bin ikh geblibn shteyn mit a groys geveyn

Ikh hartsn iz geefnt zikh a vind

Oy, ikh a voser zayt ikh gib a kuk, shteln mir zikh por –

Mayn vayb mit mayn eynuneynsik kind.

Vos iz dos far eyn tsorn af undz gevorn

Vos iz dos far a groyser gzar?

Oy, fun dem groysn tsorn, zaynen fil mentshn avekgeforn

Di farblibene zaynen avek in Babi-Yar.

Baynakht un baytog hobn geklagt avtometn.

Di mentshn hobn gezen far zikh dem toyt

/: Oy, blut hot zikh gegosn fun ale zaytn.

Fun blut iz di erd gevorn royt.

Der groyser veytek iz af eybik farblibn,

Vos der daytsh hot fargosn blut

Oy, mit undzere trern zol di erd farshlosn vern

Az di lebedike zol shoyn vern gut.

Ober undzere soyne zukht vi er nokh azoyne

Er vil mit zey makhn eyn hant,

Oy, vi lang vi zey veln lebn veln zey dos nit derlebn

Zey veln keynmol nit zayn in undzer land.


am bursting with happiness as I leave the front[lines]

[Overjoyed] that I am still alive

Oh, but when I return to my city and ask about my loved ones

They answer me, “none are left [alive]”

I am left standing still; overcome with grief,

My heart splitting open with sadness

Oh, no matter where I look, I just see that pair

My wife with my one and only child

What hardships we’ve endured!

What kind of great evil decree is this?

Oh, from this misfortune, so many have fled [the city]

The ones left are lying [dead] in Babi-Yar

By night and by day the gunshots shattered

The people saw their own deaths approaching

Oh, blood gushed out from all sides

The earth was stained red from [all the] blood

This terrible pain is with us forever:

That the Germans have spilled so much blood

Oh, the earth will be eternally sealed with our tears

[Our cries:] those [still] living should be safe

But our enemy is searching for yet another [victim]

To wipe away with one swipe

Oh, as long as they are alive they won’t fulfill this

They won’t ever step foot in our land


Added July 2nd, 1999