Bearvot HaNegev

Leonid Shokhin

Refael Klatchkin

Hebrew Lyrics


Be'arvot haNegev meetnotzetz hatal.
Be'arvot haNegev eesh magen nafal.

Lo noshem hana'ar venadam halev
Et bloreet hasa'har roo'akh telatef. (X2)

Haloomat atzevet veyagon nora
Em zkena neetzevet venoset dvara.

Hadeem'ah neegeret me'eyney eemkha,
Ba kadoor oferet vayfalakh leebkha. (X2)

Az tza'ad kadeema na'ar gva-koma
Vayomar la: Eema, al lakh bedeem'ah.

Bakhooreynoo, Eema, bee'ymey pkooda
Mool son'eynoo, Eema, kekhomat plada. (X2)

Mool shoded vamelekh tzmeh dameem oyen,
Tneenee ve'ehyeh lakh anokhee leven.

Be'arvot haNegev hoo lakhatz yada
Eem teertzoo, khevraya, eyn zo agada. (X2)



In the plains of the Negev the dew glitters.
In the plains of the Negev a defender has fallen.

The lad is not breathing and the heart has stopped
The wind strokes the moon's forelock. (X2)

Stricken with sadness and a dreadful grief
An old mother stands and says her piece.

The tears pour from your mother's eyes,
A bullet of lead came and pierced your heart. (X2)

Then a tall lad strode forward
And said to her: Mom, do not cry.

Our boys, Mom, in days of command
Face our foes, Mom, like an iron wall. (X2)

Facing a marauder and a bloodthirsty, hostile king,
Allow me and I shall be a son to you.

In the plains of the Negev he pressed her hand.
If you like, friends, this is no fable. (X2)

mythos of bereavement Both the text and the melody are based on a 1943 Soviet song about a partisan dying at the edge of a forest, "Na opushke lesa," words by Petr Mamaichuk, music by Leonid Shokhin. THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE. We acknowledge Zemerl with thanks. . . . . . . There was a Ladino version written in Israel following one of the wars there. Also - don't you find the similar lyrics in Eshet Chayil (Shir Hapartizan) in


Added January 4th, 2001