Borukh Ate

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Yiddish Lyrics

Borukh ate, zingt der tate
un er tsindt di likht.
Un di shtraln, milde faln
oyf zayn blas gezikht.

Un a fayer, heylik, tayer
in di oygn laykht.
Un der mider, mit di glider
hot zikh oysgeglaykht.

Un es dakht zikh un es trakht zikh:
S'iz nokh epes do.
S'iz geblibn vos tsu libn,
heylik iz di sho.

Alte klangen, lang fargangen,
neyn, s'klingt nokh atsind.
Zing zhe, tate, borukh ate,
un ikh blayb dayn kind.


'Baruch atah...' sings father
and he lights the candles.
And their light falls
on his pale countenance.

And a fire, holy and dear
shines in his eyes.
And the weary one has
his arms and legs.

And it seems and it
there is still something
Something has remained to
holy is this hour.

Old sounds long gone...
no, I hear them still.
Sing then,
father, 'Baruch atah...'
and I remain your child.

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Added November 24th, 1999