Adoshem, Adoshem Lewandowski Hebrew THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE. We acknowl
Al Hanisim Hebrew clpi here from "Listen Up! A Cappella" CD Al Hanisim THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE. We acknowledge Zemerl with thanks. http://www.hebrewsongs.com
Aleh Neri Chaim Parchi Sh. Shalom English from "Chanukah Songs" by Chaim Parchi www.artmuz.com/chanukah_tape_main.htm
Aleih Neiri (Rise Up, My Light) Cahim Parchi Sh.Shalom Hebrew
Banu Khoshekh leGaresh E. Amiran & S. Levi E. Amiran & S. Levi Hebrew THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE. We acknowledge Zemerl with thanks. http://www.hebrewsongs.com . . . . . .
Borukh Ate Yiddish you can find more hannukkah songs here: http://w ww.eirelink.com/alanking/hanukah.htm
Chag Chanuka Sameach C. LuAnn Howe C. LuAnn Howe Hebrew This is my first Hebrew holiday song. I am proud of it and would like to
Chanukah, Oh Chanukah Roger Emerson Roger Emerson English (from liner notes to "To Life! Songs of Chanukah and other Jewish celebr
Chanuke, O Chanuke! Hassidic Melody M. Rivesman English The clip featured here is from the <a href="http://www.klezmerconservator
Dona Dona (In dem Templ) valen Polish Sung to the tune of Dona Dona, here's a cute Khanuke song.
Drey Dreydl Moishe Oysher Yiddish
HAVA NARIMA Handel from the oratorio, Judas Maccabeus Hebrew } learnt this song in my music lesson in private jewish high school in istanbul.i.v. THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE, WITH THANKS TO ZEMERL. http://www.hebrewsongs.com . . .
Ha Ner (A Candle) Tzagit Tzagit English You can find sheet music for this song here: http ://www.well.com/user/zagit/shirim.html#haner
Haneirot Hallalu Gershon Veroba Hebrew Composed and recorded in 1981 on an album called "Man to Man" and a priv
Hanerot Halalu Hebrew clip here from The Joy of Hannukkah THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE, WITH THANKS TO ZEMERL. http://www.hebrewsongs.com . . . . . . It would be great if you provided the written music (notes) for the various songs, especially for those of us who do not have sound boards in our computers. Thanks
Hannukkah's A Happy Time (sung to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb) Hebrew
Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah, oh Hanukkah the sweet celebration.... chanukah Yiddish Clip here is from this wonderful site about chanukah: http://aish.net/a/chanu kah60/
Hear the Voice Cristiano cristiano English
I'm a Little Latke (to the tune of I'm a Little Teapot) English
Ikh Bin A Kleyner Dreydl (I had a little dreydl) Michl Gelbart Ben Arn (pseudonym for Gelbart) Yiddish Velvel Pasternak (_Jewish Holidays in Song_, Owings Mills MD, 1997) lists
Judah Macabee English A version of this song can be found on the Sons Of Safam Album. By the group Safam. It speaks metaphorically about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (Polish underground, German infantry).
Kemach Hebrew "Kemach" is a Channukah song not a Purim song; note the emphasis on oil. Please place the song in the proper category. Todah Rabbah
Khanuka jan van der roost You can find sheet music for this song here: http://www.ort.org/ort/hanukka h/song3.html
Khanuke Unknown Unknown Yiddish A song about the beauty of Hannukkah.
Lichvod Hakhanukah Chaim Nachman Bialik Chaim Nachman Bialik Hebrew <a href="http://www.ganhalev.org/zmirot/ lichvod_hakhanukah/ lichvod_hakha
Light One Candle Peter Yarrow Peter Yarrow English clip here from Cindy Paley's CD Channukah: a Singing Celebration In the second line of the final verse, the "dies" needs to be changed to "died" Comment: Although this song is generally sung for Chanukah, it also refers to the Nair Tamid, the Everlasting light which is kept burning at all times in each synagogue as a symbol of strength, endurance and sacrifice.
Light one candle-HANNUKAH Peter Yarrow English Twi hannukah songs were recorded by Peter Paul and Mary: 1) LIGHT ONE
Maoz Tzur (Rock of Ages) Hebrew Bruce Roter composed a great new melody for the song. You can find more in
Mi Yemalel (Who Can Retell) handel Hebrew an innovative choral arrangement on the clip here from the Western Wind & Bikel recording Channukah
Mi Ze Hidlik (Who Lit These Candles) L. Kipnis Hebrew
Mrs. Maccabeus (to the tune of "O Chanukah") (by Ben Aronin, z"l, of Congregation Anshe Emet in Chicago English found on <a href="http://ezra.mts.jhu.edu/~rabbiars/chanukah/sill- songs.ht
My Candles English The entire song is beautifully done on a CD "Paul Zim's Chanukah Party".
Ner Li Hebrew clip here from "Listen Up!" A Cappella's CD <a href="http://www.jewishmu
Nerot Chanukah Chaim Parchi Channah Bar Hebrew from "Chanukah Songs" by Chaim Parchi www.artmuz.com/chanukah_tape_main.htm
O Ir Kleyne Likhtelekh M. Rosenfeld Yiddish The Yiddish is correct as above. Please note that the Yiddish text at prese
O, Ir Kleyne Likhtelekh Zilberts, Zavel (1881-1949) Rosenfeld, Morris (1862-1923) Yiddish A melancholy song about Khannuke candles <p>You can find more Yiddish hannu
OCHO KANDELIKAS (EIGHT CANDLES) Flory Jagoda Flory Jagoda Judeo-spanish (from liner notes to "To Life! Songs of Chanukah and other Jewish celebrations - ht tp://www.rhino.com/Features/liners/75349lin.html Sung, arranged and played by Jay Levy. In her introduction to the song in her book, Memories of Sarajevo, the Composer, Flory Jagoda, writes; "Hanukkah...what exciting memories. Because on each of the eight nights "matchmaking parties" were held; and while the young sang and danced, their parents and grandparents enjoyed planning their children's weddings. Little almond and honey cakes were eaten to assure luck and happiness -- and a good match. The next year at the wedding, the bride was customarily asked "at which Hanukkah party did you meet?""
Oh, Chanukah Oh Chanukah silver English Learned in folkshule in New York. Sholem Aleichem Shul #2 This is Yiddish
S'vivon Joseph Flummerfelt Betty Bertaux Hebrew A great song that I learned as a small child and recently learned (and forgot) the meaning of
Sevivon (Spin little dreydl) Jay Levy Jay Levy Hebrew from "To Life!" - http://www.rhino.com/Features/liners/ 75349lin.html Sung and arranged by Jay Levy
Sheket, Sheket Chaim Parchi Imanuel Harusi Hebrew From "Ma'agal Hashanah" by Chaim Parchi www.artmuz.com/Maagal_Hasha_Tape_MA
Sheoso Nisim Israel Alter Eliza Greenblat
Spin the Dreidel (sung to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat) English
Tefillah Chaim Parchi Rivkah Ziv Hebrew from "Chanuka Songs" by Chaim Parchi www.artmuz.com/chanukah_tape_main.htm
The 8 Days of Hannukkah English this song found at the <a href="http://www.mudcat.org/alltitles.cfm">Mudcat
The Chanukah Song Adam Sandler Adam Sandler English His first Chanukah Song, c. 1996.
The Chanukah Song II (Adam Sandler) Sandler/Morton/Maxtone-Graham/Loughran/Smigel Adam Sandler English Appears on the Adam Sandler CD "Stan and Judy's Kid" Taped live October 1997 at the Jewish-sponsored Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts
The Chanukah Song Part 3 Adam Sandler Adam Sandler feat. The Drei-Dels & Rob Schneider English From the "Eight Crazy Nights" soundtrack.
The DREYDL Song (I have a little dreydl) Samuel E. Goldfarb S. S. Grossman English Sung and arranged by Jay Levy <p>One of the many delights of the festiva
The Dreidel Song English From Debbie's Hanukkah Play "Miracles & Wonders"
The Hanukkah Song (Adam Sandler) Outkast Hey ya English Intro: This is a song, that uh, theres alot of Xmas songs out there, but not too many about Hanukkah, so I wrote a song for all those nice little Jewish kids who dont get to hear any Hanukkah songs--here we go... Put on your yarmulke,here comes Hanukkah It's so much fun-akkah to celebrate Hanukkah, Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights, Instead of one day of presents, we have eight crazy nights. When you feel like the only kid in town without a Xmas tree, Here's a list of people who are Jewish, just like you and me: David Lee Roth lights the menorrah, So do James Caan, Kirk Douglas, and the late Dinah Shore-ah Guess who eats together at the Carnegie Deli, Bowzer from Sha-na-na, and Arthur Fonzer relli. Paul Newman's half Jewish; Goldie Hawn's half too, Put them together--what a fine lookin' Jew! [Esus] You don't need Deck the Halls or Jingle Bell Rock 'Cause you can spin the dreidl with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock-- both Jewish! [Esus] Put on your yarmulke, it's time for Hanukkah, The owner of the Seattle Super sonic-ahs celebrates Hanukkah. O.J. Simpson-- not a Jew! But guess who is...Hall of Famer--Rod Carew--(he converted!) We got Ann Landers and her sister Dear Abby, Harrison Ford's a quarter Jewish-- not too shabby! Some people think that Ebeneezer Scrooge is, Well, he's not, but guess who is: All three stooges. [Esus] So many Jews are in show biz-- Tom Cruise isn't, [tacit] but I heard his agent is. [Esus] Tell your friend Veronica, it's time you celebrate Hanukkah I hope I get a harmonica, on this lovely, lovely Hanukkah. So drink your gin-and-tonic-ah, but dont smoke your mara juanic-ah, If you really, really wanna-kah, Have a happy, happy, happy, happy Hanukkah!
The Latkes Song English clip here from Miracles - Passover/Hannukkah CD. Debbie Friedman has recorded and performed this song and I believe wrote it. From Debbie's Chanukah Musical "Miricles & Wonders"
The Solstihanukkamas Song (to the tune of Toreador from Carmen) Jim Rebhan English more great alternative hannukkah songs here: http://www.jcn18.com/holiday/hanukkah/carols.htm
The dreidel song michl gelbart Hebrew Samuel goldfarb is my great grandfather
This Mountain Hugh Blumenfeld Hugh Blumenfeld English A peace song combining imagery of Hanukkah (a light that burns by faith alone) & Pesach (looking across to a promised land we may not live to see) - from the CD "Mozart's Money" http:www.hughblumenfeld.com
Tsindt On Likhtelekh M. Rivesman Yiddish
Un candlika Hanna Comprenedas Michele Sanatree French really pretty
Y'vanim Liturgy Hebrew This is one of the paragraphs from the Chanukah song "Maoz Tzur" sung after lighting the Menorah.
YEME HAHANUKA Hebrew JOYFUL HANUKA SONG.].V.Hebrew rendition (loose but faithful to the spirit)
Yingelehs, Maidelehs (to the tune of Jingle Bells) Phyllis M. LaVietes English find more great alternative hannukkah songs like this one on <a href="