Hanerot Halalu

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Hebrew Lyrics

Hanerot halalu anakhnu madliqin
'al hanisim ve'al hanifla'ot
ve'al hatshu'ot ve'al hamilkhamot
She'asitah la'avoteinu
bayamim hahem bazman hazeh
'al yadei kohanecha haqdoshim.

B'kol shmonat y'mey Hanukkah
hanerot halalu kodesh hem.
v'ein lanu r'shut l'hishtamesh bahem
elah lirotam bilvad.
k'dei l'hodot ul'halel
l'shimkha hagadol al nisekha
v'al y'shu'otekha v'al nifle'otekha.


These lights do we kindle
about the miracles and the wonders,
about the salvations and the wars
that You did for our fathers
in those days and that time,
and about Your glory and Your wonders
by the hands of Your Holy "priests" (cohanim)

All the eight days of Chanuka
these lights are holy.
And we do not have permission to use them,
but only to see them
In order to thank and make holy
Your great name for Your miracles,
and for Your salvations and Your wonders.

clip here from The Joy of Hannukkah THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE, WITH THANKS TO ZEMERL. http://www.hebrewsongs.com . . . . . . It would be great if you provided the written music (notes) for the various songs, especially for those of us who do not have sound boards in our computers. Thanks


Added December 11th, 1999