Oh, Chanukah Oh Chanukah


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English Lyrics

Oy Chanukah, Oy Chanukah
Ah yom Tov a shayner
Ah lusticher, a freylacher
Nitaw nuch asayner

Ale nacht in dreydl
spilen mir
zudik haysa latkes
Esen Mir
Zindt kinder
Do Chanukah lichtelach ahn
there is supposed to be some other words here
Lumir ale singen
Und lumir ale Shpringen
Und lumir ale tantzen in Chur


Oh Chanukah, Oh chanuka
A holiday a lovely one
A Lusty and happy one
There is none like it

Every night in dreydl
Do we play
Hot tasty latkes
Do We eat

Light Children
The Chanukah lights on
Lets all sing
Lets all jump
Lets all dance jointly

Learned in folkshule in New York. Sholem Aleichem Shul #2 This is Yiddish


Added December 28th, 2001