Dayenu (in Yiddish)

Traditional melody

I. Lukowsky

English Lyrics

Voltn mir nor fun Mitsrayim
Gliklekh oysgeleyzt gevorn
Nor der yam zikh nit geshpoltn - Dayenu.

Volt der yam zikh shoyn geshpoltn
Nor im durkhgeyn in der trukn
Volt undz demolt nit gegoltn - Dayenu.

Voltn mir im shoyn ariber
Nit gekent nor iberkumen
Fertsik yor in groysn midber - Dayenu.

Voltn mir di fertsik yor shoyn
In dem midber durkhgekumen
Un keyn man dort nit gefunen - Dayenu.

Voltn mir dort man gefunen
Nor dem shabes nit bakumen
Un tsum Sinay nit gekumen - Dayenu.

Voltn mir tsum Sinay kumen
Nor di toyre nit bakumen
S'folk fun toyre nit gevorn - Dayenu.


Would we not from Egypt
Joyfully freed
And the Sea did not divide
Dayenu-Would have been enough

Would he sea have divided
And gone through it dry
We the would not
it would have been enough

Would we already have gone over
Not been able to overcome
Forty years in the great desert
it would have been enough

Would we the forty years already
In the desert coming through
And no man there not found

Would we have found a man
And the Sabbath
And not to the Sinai come

would to the Sinai we come
But not got the torah
Would we not have become the people of the Torah

Reprinted from the e-mail list Mendele: Yiddish literature and language , vol4.395 This version has lyrics by Lukovsky, but there is another version in Yiddish, simpler, for kids that the Workmen's Circle also uses. Maybe I'll post it someday. Lorele from Tamara Selden, just translated words above. Also know a brief on from Sholem Aleichem Folkshule, New York. Arois Gegangen fun Mitrayim Oif a leben, oif a fryen Oif a leben, oif a fryen Dayenu Going out from Egypt On a free life On a free life Dayenu On


Added December 16th, 1999