Der Nayer Sher

Abraham Ellstein

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Yiddish Lyrics

hey du klezmer, nem dem fidl,
shpil dos naye lidl,
tantsn vet men dem nayem sher.
in a karahod men dreyt zikh,
un dos harts derfreyt zikh,
nor ven men tantst dem nayem sher.

hekher, hekher, biz di stelye,
shpringt der zeyde, elye.
es vilt zikh lebn im vos mer.

un di bobe, sosye kvelt fun nakhes,
sonim af tselokhes,
tantsn vet men dem nayem sher.

nu, zet, nor zet vi yeder freyt zikh
un vi men dreyt zikh,
un men tupet mit di fis.

dos harts tsegeyt
nor tan sn bet zikh
vayl ven men tantst vert, dan dos lebn azoy zis.

freylekh zayn atsind darfn mir ale;
troyerik zayn dos vet men shoyn nit mer
vayl bazetsn vet men bald di kale,
un tantsn vet men gor dem nayem sher.

vos toygn ale dayges, ale zorgn,
afn hartsn ven es iz dir shver?
beser, brider, hofn az biz morgn
veln ale in eynem tantsn dem nayem sher!


Hey you, klezmer, pick up your fiddle,
play your music,
and well dance the new sher.

Well spin around in a karahod,
and our hearts will rejoice,
whenever the new sher is danced.

Higher, higher, Grandpa Elya leaps
straight up to the ceiling.
He wants to enjoy life fully.

And Grandma Sosye beams with joy.
Our enemies can go to hell,
for were going to dance the new sher.

Nu, see, just see how everyone is happy,
how they spin,
and how they tap their feet.

The heart is breaking
but still begs to dance,
for when we dance, life becomes so sweet.

Now we are all happy.
We will no longer be sad.
Because soon the bride will be seated,
and then we will dance the new sher.

What good will all the worrying do for you,
when your heart is heavy?
Better hope, brother, that by tomorrow
we will all dance the new sher together!

The clip featured here is from Faye Kellerstein's CD "A feygele zingt". Click here to find out more about the CD. There is a page devoted to this song with more sample recordings here: r/der_nay.html


Added February 22nd, 2004