Der Nayer Sher Abraham Ellstein Yiddish The clip featured here is from Faye Kellerstein's CD "A feygele zingt". Click here to find out more about the CD. There is a page devoted to this song with more sample recordings here: http://www.library.upenn.edu/friends/freed/sample r/der_nay.html
Gesher Tzar Me'od Based on Rabbi Nachman of Breslov Hebrew This was sung during the yom kippur war while crossing the suez.
Khatzkele king Yiddish (From the 1927 edition of the Schack-Cohen _Yiddish Folk Songs: 50 Songs
Tchaye Les Yeux Noirs (traditional) Yiddish Would appreciate Yiddish lyrics and English translation. Heard on Les Yeux Noirs CDs "Balamouk" and "Live".
Tsu Dayn Geburtstog Avrom Goldfaden Avrom Goldfaden Yiddish Composer born: 1840 (Starokonstantinov, Russia), died: 1908 (New York) From
Yash/ A glezele yash Vladimir Shainsky Josef Kerler Yiddish
bim bomb none none English
zingarella English