Eli, Eli

Jacob K. Sandler

Jacob K. Sandler

Yiddish Lyrics

Eyli, Eyli, lama azavtani?

In fayer un flam hot men undz gebrent,
Iberal hot men undz gemakht tsu shand un shpot
Dokh optsuvendn hot undz keyner gekent
Fun dir mayn Got
Un fun dayn heylike toyre
Fun dayn gebot.
Tog un nakht, nor ikh trakht
Fun dir mayn Got.
Ikh hit mit moyre
Op dayn toyre un dayn gebot.

Rete mikh, oy rete mikh fun gefar
Vi a mol di oves fun beyzn gzar
Her mayn gebet un mayn geveyn

Helfn kenstu dokh nor aleyn
Shma Israel Adonay Eloheynu
Adonai Ekhad


My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?
In fire and flames we have been burnt
Everywhere they shamed and mocked us

But no one could turn us away
>From you my God
And from your Holly Torah
>From your commandments
My god..
Day and night, I only think
Of you, my God.
I keep with awe
Your Torah and your commandments.

Save me, oh save me from danger
Like once you saved our fathers from an angry czar

Only you can help
Listen, Israel, God our Lord
Is one.

The song was written by Jacob K. Sandler (1860-1931) for M. Hurvitch's pla


Added March 2nd, 2002