Elimelech of Gilhoffen



English Lyrics

(to the tune of Az Der Rebe Elimeylech)
Elimelech of Gilhoffen drank "L'chayim" once too often,
Drank "L'chayim" and became a trifle gay,
So he put his studies by, tipped his hat across one eye,
And he called for the fiddlers to play.

Well, the fiddler took his fiddle, put his bow across the middle,
And the fiddle fiddles out a little tune,
When the fiddler with his fiddle fiddled "fiddle-diddle-diddle,"
Elimelech bounced just like a toy balloon.

Elimelech, feeling frisky, took another drop of whisky,
Twice too often down his gullet did it go,
Called each friend and each relation to his Purim Celebration,
Then he roared for the piper to blow.

Well, the piper "tweedle-tweeted," and the fiddle it repeated:
"Fiddle-diddle, fiddle-diddle, diddle-dee."
When the piper "tweedle-tweeted," and the fiddle it repeated,
Elimelech was beside himself with glee.

Then he drank three times too often and his eyes began to soften,
And the tears began to trickle from his chin.
Oh, his ears they were a-buzzin', 'till a sympathetic cousin
Whispered: "Please let the drummer begin!"

Well, the drummer's drum he beat it, and the piper "tweedle-tweeted,"
And the fiddle, it repeated its encore.
The drum was "tweedle-tweeting" and the fiddle, it was beating,
Elimelech, fast asleep, began to snore.

When the drum starts "tweedle-tweeting," and the fiddle, it is
The piper gaily fiddles "fiddle-dee."
And your head it starts a-whirling, like a grogger that is twirling,
Then they're playing Elimelech's melody.

Oh, it happened in Gilhofen, just from drinking thrice too often,
And there's only one thing more that must be said:
At your Purim celebration use a little moderation,
Or you'll wind up with a grogger for a head!



Added October 5th, 2000