Haynt iz Purim

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Yiddish Lyrics

Haynt iz Purim, brider
Lomir zingen lider!
Zogt, vos hobn Homons den a vert
Lomir bronfn shteln,
Der eybershter vet veln -
Mir hobn ale sonim tif in dr'erd!

Haynt is Purim, brider
Lomir zingen lider
Zogt, vos hot der goles den a vert?
Lomir bronfn shteln,
Der eybershter vet veln -
Moshiakh brengt undz krik oyfn undzer erd!


Today, dear brothers is Purim
Let us rejoice in song!
Let us drink and have faith in g-d
Who will deliver us from our enemies
And bring the Messiah closer

I know other words. Without the melody it is hard to be sure. Haynt is Purim Brider siz a yom tov grois Lumir singen lieder un gayn fun hoise tsu hoise Lach kinderlach lach A yuntival mach kintz kinder gedenken dem nes Tantz kinderlach tantz Der freylache tag nit farges. Today is Purim brothers It is a holiday great Lets sing songs And go from house to house Laugh children laugh A holiday make do not forget the miracle laugh children laugh This dear day do not forget [the above version is listed at this site as "A Purim Lid", with correct lyrics]


Added March 4th, 2001