Hen Lo Charashti

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Hebrew Lyrics

Hen lo charashti
Gam lo zarati
Lo hitpalalti al hamatar
Ufeta r'ena s'dotai hitsmichu dagan
B'ruch shemesh bimkom, dardar

Haim hu s'fiach t'nuvot mikedem
Chitey chedva hem
K'tsurim meaz?

Asher p'kaduni bimey haoni
Bak'u alu vi b'orach raz.


(singable to the same melody - Trans. by Sh. J. Kahn)
Without a plowing, without a sowing,
Without a prayer even for rain
Suddenly, look you!
My fields are growing
Where there was thistle, sun-blest with grain

Is it the fruitage gathered aforetime
In joyous wheat-fields aftergrowth now?
That has remembered, in days of sorrow
Risen up in me, I know not how

Flourish and prosper, harvest of wonder
Flourish and prosper, ripen to wheat!
Such are the words of our consolation
In after days, you shall aftergrowth eat


Added January 23rd, 2000