Irme Quiero, La Mi Madre

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English Lyrics

Irme quiero, la mi madre
Por estos mundos me ire
Y fraguare una kuliva
Una kuliva fraguare
Por afuera de lodo
Y por adrientro l'ancalare
El que d'alli pasara
Arriva lo suvire
El que conte los sus males
Yo los mios contare
Si los suyos seran mas de los mios
A pacencia los tomare
Si los mios seran mas de los suyos
D'arriva abazo me echare.


I want to go into the world, mother
I have to leave
I will go through those fields
to build a hut,
a hut I will build
On the outside made of mud,
on the inside sturdy,
whoever passes by
I will ask him in.
Whoever tells me his woes
I shall tell him mine.
I will listen with patience
If his are worse than mine,
If mine are worse than his
I shall fall upon the ground.

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Added December 17th, 1999