Minutn of Bitokhn (Moments of Confidence)

Mordekhai Gebirtig

Mordekhai Gebirtig

Yiddish Lyrics

(Krakow, 2 October 1940)
Yidn! Zol zayn freylekh!
Shoyn nisht lang, ikh hof
S'ekt bald di milkhome,
Es kumt bald zeyer sof.
Freylekh! Nor nisht zorgn
Un nisht arumgeyn trib
Hot geduld, bitokhn
Un nemt alts on far lib

Nor geduld, bitokhn
Nisht lozt aroys fun hant
Undzer alt klezayen,
Vos halt undz nokh baynand
Hulyet, tantst talyonim!
Shoyn nisht lang, ikh hof
Geven amol a homen
Es vart oyf aykh zayn sof.

Hulyet, tantst talyonim!
Laydn ken a yid
S've di shvertse arbet
Undz keyn mol makhn mid
Kern? Zol zayn kern!
Kolzman ir vet zayn,
Uz imzist dos kern
S'vet do nisht vern rayn

Vashn? Zol zayn vashn!
Kayins royter flek
Hevls blut fun hartsn
Dos vasht zikh nisht avek
-Traybt undz fun di dires!
Shnaydt undz op di berd!
Yidn! Zol zayn freylekh
Mir hobn zey in d'rerd...


Jews, let us be cheerful!
It won't be long, I hope-
The war will soon be over,
And soon their end will come
Be cheerful and don't worry
Don't carry on in grief
Have patience and have confidence
Take hard times in your stride

Remember: patience, confidence
Don't let slip away
Those ancient weapons that unite
Our people to this day!
Revel, dance, you hangmen!
It won't be long, I hope
Once there was a Haman
His fate awaits you, too

Revel, dance, you hangmen
Jews know what suffering means
The most demanding labor
Won't tire us in the least
"Sweep!" you tell us? So we'll sweep
But as long as you remain,
There is no point to sweeping
This place will not come clean!

"Wash" you tell us? So we'll wash
smell my ballAbel's heart
Cannot be washed away
Drive us from our homes
Cut away our beards!
Jews, let us be cheerful-
We'll see them go to hell!

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