Chava Alberstein

Mikhl Wirth

Yiddish Lyrics

Der kreymerkes Dvoyreles techterl heyst
Sheyne Mirele, Mirele
Un Dvoyrele zogt az ir eyntsike treyst
Iz Mirele, Mirele
Di zun shaynt bay tog, di levone bai nakht
Un Mirele shteyt bay dem fentster un lakht
Lakh, Mirele, Mirele

Dos Mirele is chenevdik, tsukerdik sheyn,
Dos Mirele, Mirele.
Zi hot vayse hentelekh, vaysinke tseyn,
Akh, Mirele, Mirele
Di yingelekh veren fun benkshaft azh blas
Nor Mireles hertzl iz kalter fun ayz
Oy, Mirele, Mirele

Es flien nor ziftzn tzum himl aroyf,
Oy, Mirele Mirele,
Es nemt nisht keyn esn, es nemt nisht keyn shlof,
Oy, Mirele Mirele
Es plotzn di hertzer far weytag un shmertz
Nor keyner ken rirn s'farfroyrene hertz
Fun Mirele, Mirele.

Di yorn vi vasseren shvimn avek,
Zey, Mirele Mirele,
Es hot shoyn dayn sheynkayt gekumen an ek,
Oy, Mirele Mirele...
Shoyn finster dayn ponim geboygn dayn kop,
Un roytlekh di oygn un groy shoyn der tzop...

Es laikhtn di shtern, di levone bai nakht,
Oyf Mirele Mirele,
Zi shteyt bai dem fentster faromert, fartrakht,
Oy, Mirele Mirele.
Es shvimn di volkn ahin un aher,
Fun Mireles eygelekh kafet a trer,
Veyn, Mirele, Mirele!


The shopkeeper Dvoyrele's daughter is called
Pretty Mirele, Mirele
And Dvoyrele says that her only comfort
Is Mirele, Mirele.
The sun shines by day, the moon by night,
And Mirele stands by the window and laughs
Laugh, Mirele, Mirele.

This Mirele is graceful, sweetly beautiful,
This Mirele, Mirele.
She has white hands and white teeth,
Ah, Mirele, Mirele.
The boys all grow pale with longing,
But Mirele's heart is colder than ice,
Oh, Mirele, Mirele...

Nothing but sighs float up to the sky,
Oh, Mirele, Mirele,
No one can eat, no one can sleep,
Oh, Mirele, Mirele,
All the hearts are bursting with ache and pain,
But no one can move the frigid heart
Of Mirele, Mirele.

The years flow by like water,
Look, Mirele, Mirele.
Your beauty has already come to an end,
Oh, Mirele, Mirele,
Your face is haggard, your head is bowed,
Your eyes are bloodshot, your braids are grey...

Light from the stars and moon at night shines
On Mirele, Mirele
She stands by the window, mournful and pensive,
Oh, Mirele, Mirele...
The clouds drift here and there,
A tear drops from Mirele's eye,
Weep, Mirele, Mirele!

This is practically my favorite song... mostly because our city's symphony did a 'Klezmer Rondo' last year, and our conductor read that poem. In English, yes, but it was weird when I later bought the album and found that poem there. It's a really rough translation because I couldn't find my CD slip-cover, which, although it only has the Yiddish (I mean, with the _actual_ alef-beyz) and the English, would have been _very_ helpful, since trying to figure out words from an audio file is... well, difficult. Oh well... cist la vie? Er, now I'm putting Frenchthat I can't spell in a comment on a Yiddish song... Oy. PLEASE, anyone who has the lyrics or the poem, fill in the gaps! _something_ looks so ridiculous! Also, I couldn't find out who the author was, either. Sigh. 21.04.03 Done, as best I could.


Added October 3rd, 2002