Israeli female singers

Mirele Chava Alberstein Mikhl Wirth Yiddish This is practically my favorite song... mostly because our city's symphony did a 'Klezmer Rondo' last year, and our conductor read that poem. In English, yes, but it was weird when I later bought the album and found that poem there. It's a really rough translation because I couldn't find my CD slip-cover, which, although it only has the Yiddish (I mean, with the _actual_ alef-beyz) and the English, would have been _very_ helpful, since trying to figure out words from an audio file is... well, difficult. Oh well... cist la vie? Er, now I'm putting Frenchthat I can't spell in a comment on a Yiddish song... Oy. PLEASE, anyone who has the lyrics or the poem, fill in the gaps! _something_ looks so ridiculous! Also, I couldn't find out who the author was, either. Sigh. 21.04.03 Done, as best I could.
legol iesh jesh shem zelda buster