Momele (Mother Dear)

M. Parish A. Alstone, & A. Goodhart

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Yiddish Lyrics

As I watch you light the Sabbath candles
There's a lovely glow upon your face
While you're standing there whispering a prayer
None can take your place

Momele, momele
Mother dear I'll always call you momele
Tired eyes wrinkled hands and the loving heart that always
I remember how you used to comfort me
A little girls of three in bygone years
I remember how you took me on your knee
With a kiss you dry all my tears
Silver hair, heart of gold
Day by day I hate to see you growing old
Momele, Momele,
May God bless you mome mine


Leon Lissek sings this song beautifully in English and Yiddish on the clip featured here (it's from his CD L'Chaim. 5/17/02 There is a word missing in the lyric...the missing word is "Tired" "[ } eyes wrinkled hands and the loving heart that always understands..." I think the word is "Faded." Thanks for helping me come up with a Mother's Day program.


Added September 21st, 1999