Partos trocados



Judeo-spanish Lyrics

La sclava pario un hijo
La ama pario una hija
Las cumadres fechizeras
trocan a las criaturas.
un dia de aqueyos dias
acunar asentaria
Cuando la cunava
Enfazando la enfazava.

Un dia de aqueyos dias
A cantar se le metia.
Nani nani la mi hija
Criada y non parida
Parida el Dio vos guadre
Cuanto queren la vuestra madre
Parida stava la reina


Babes exchanged

The slave bore a son
The mistress bore a daughter
yhe wicked midwives
exchanged the babies.
one day
the slave sat to cradle
crading her child
rocking the child.

One day
she began to sing
sleep sleep my daughter
baby and not born to me
May god keep you
how your mother wishes you
to be born a queen.

A fairy-tale about "changelings". A similar one is <i>"La reina Xarifa mora


Added August 29th, 2000