Purim's Here so Let's Raise Cain (sung to Jimmy Crack Corn)

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English Lyrics

Purim's here, so let's raise cain
Purim's come around again
A holiday to sing and play,
Hurrah, hurrah for Purim day.

Oh Vashti was a beauty proud
Who wouldn't cater to the crowd.
To a royal summons she said "no,"
Her husband answered, "Out you go." Purim's here. . .

Ahasuerus was a king quite swell
Who didin't choose his friends too well,
But luckily he chose a wife
Whose cousin was to save his life. Purim's here. . .

Esther gave the king her hand
Which made her queen of all the land.
A lovely lass in every way,
She stars in every Purim play. Purim's here. . .

That Mordechai a brain was he,
He kept his head successfully.
In fact he was so very bright
He just had to come out right. Purim's here. . .

Now Haman was a first-class heel
Who thought he was a first-class "wheel".
He built a gallows with a noose,
But found he'd cooked his own fat goose. Purim's here. . .

So every year we join and sing
Of just how Mordechai did bring
Real victory in every way
To found a happy holiday. Purim's here. . .



Added October 5th, 2000