S'vet zich Fun Tsvigle

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Yiddish Lyrics

Vi shver s'iz tsu gleben farbay aza vinter
Farknuret in shmates und kelt
A stral hot geshmoltzen dem ayz fun mayn fenster
Gebracht a geruz fun der velt
A velt hot s'bliet zich
Mit vaisiekein s'veit
Und Faigelach hob'n ge'svitchert a lid

Nor bai undz iz groy und finster
S'hengt di umet aff di vent
varft di zun undz karge stralen
kaliben mir zey mit di hent
varmt undz di shpits fingerlach on
trogen mir aheym stralach-lach zun
un es vert undz eppes gringer s'vilt zich zingen springen fray

A vintele hot zich farganvet durch shpares
a sod angaroympt mir derbay
Der vintele hertzanam dem hiltzernam parkan
tservaksen der roziker mai
un vintele zogt az di grezelekh green,
Zey shicken mir grussen un rufen ahin


Avek is der tate in schtot aff der arbet.
Er muz azoy vayt nebech gayn
er vet mir haynt brengen a frishinken tsvygel
Mit bletelech greenenke sheyn
Nu, veyt az in reyneke vasseryl shteyn, un s'vet zich fun tsvygel
t'seblyen a boym



How hard it is to believe that such a winter is past
shrouded in rags and cold
A ray has melted the ice from my window
bringing a greeting from the world
a world that has been covered
with a white blanket
and birds have begun to sing songs

But by us is gray and lonely
sadness hangs from the walls
The sun sends us few rays of light
And we reach for them with our outstreached hands
We let them warm our fingertips
And carry the bits of sunshine home in our grasps
And perhaps it will be better when we can sing and leap in

A wind rattles through the fence
The wind could make a lonley sound
But the wind plays through the pickets of the fence
bringing promise of rosy may
The wind says that the green grasses
They send their regards, and wish I was with them.


My father must go to the town for his labor.
It is a shame they take him so far.
But today he promised to bring me back a litle fresh twig
with tiny beautiful green leaves.
And maybe if i keep this twig in a glass of fresh water
Then perhaps from this tiny twig, A tree will grow


I learned this song as a song of hope as a child learning about survivors of the holocaust. I don't remember who wrote it, or all the words exactly. (But I remember the translation exactly.) I used to sing this song at holocaust memorial events, and it was veryemotional for me and for audience members. The melody is bewitchingly beautiful. It is published is a book called "Mir Trogen a Gezang" alog with many other songs I grew up singing.


Added January 21st, 2002