Shtil di Nacht iz Oysgeshternt

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Hirsh Glik

Yiddish Lyrics

Schtil, di nacht iz oysgeschternt
Un der frost hot schtark gebrent.
Zi gedenkstu vi ich hob dich gelernt
Halten a schpayer in di hent?

A moyd, a peltzl un a beret
Un halt in hand fest a nagan.
A moyd mit a sametenem ponim
Hit op dem soynes'ss karavan.

Getzilt, gechossen un getrofen
Hot ir kleyninker pistoyl.
An oto a fulinken mit wofen
Farhalten hot zi mit eyn koyl.

Fartog, fun wald aroysgekrochen
Mit schneygirlanden oyf di hor.
Gemutikt fun kleyninken nitzochen
Far unser nayem frayen dor !!


Quiet; the night is filled with stars,
And the frost has burned hard.
Do you remember how I taught you
To hold a submachine gun in your hand?

A girl, a fur coat and a beret
Holding a pistol in her hand.
A girl with a velvet skin face
Stops the enemy's column.

Aim, fire, and hit
Has her tiny pistol.
A truck filled with weapons
She has stopped with one bullet.

Before dawn, having crept out of the woods
With snowflake-garlands on her hair.
Encouraged by a small victory
For our new aera of liberty! [lit.: free aera]

A song of resistance from the camps and the partisans. <p>The clip featur


Added July 12th, 1999