Shtiler Shtiler (Quiet Quiet)

Alex Wolkoviski

Shmerke Kaczerginski

English Lyrics

Shtiler shtiler, lomir shvaygn
Kvorim vaksn do.
S'hobn zey farflantst di sonim:
Grinen zey tsum blo.
S'firn vegn tsu ponar tsu,
S'firt keyn veg tsurik.
Iz der tate vu farshvundn
Un mit im dos glik.
Shtiler, kind mayns, veyn nit oytser,
S'helft nit keyn geveyn
Undzer umglik veln sonim
Say vi nit farshteyn.
S'hobn breges oykh di yamen.
S'hobn tfises oykhet tsamen,
Nor tsu undzer payn
Keyn bisl shayn
Keyn bisl shayn

Friling afn land gekumen
Un undz harbst gebrakht
Iz der tog haynt ful mit blumen
Undz zet nor di nakht
Goldikt shoyn der harbst af shtamen
Blit in undz der tsar;
Blaybt faryosemt vu a mame:
S'kind geyt af ponar.
Vi di vilye a geshmidte
T'oykh geyokht in payn
Tsien kries ayz durkh lite
Itst in yam arayn
S'vert der khoyshekh vu tserunen
Fun der fintster laykhtn zunen
Rayter kum geshvind,
Dikh ruft dayn kind.

Shtiler shtiler s'kveln kvaln
Undz in harts arum.
Biz der toyer vet nit faln
Zayn mir muzn shtum.
Frey nit kind zikh, s'iz dayn shmeykhl
Itst far undz farat
Zen dem friling zol der soyne
Vi in harbst a blat.
Zol der kval zikh ruik flisn
Shtiler zay un hof
Mit der frayheyt kumt der tate
Shlof zhe kind mayn, shlof.
Vi di vilye a bafrayte
Vi di beymer grin banayte
Laykht bald frayheyts likht
Af dayn gezikht


Quiet Quiet

Quiet, quiet, let's be silent,
Dead are growing here
They were planted by the tyrant
See their bloom appear.
All the roads lead to Ponar now.
There are no roads back
And our father too has vanished,
And with him our luck.
Still, my child, don't cry, my jewel
Tears no help commands
Our pain callous people
Never understand
Seas and oceans have their order
Prison also has its border
Our torment is endless
Is endless

Spring has come, the earth receives her -
But to us brings fall.
And the day is filled with flowers -
To us darkness calls.
Autumn leaves with gold are softened. -
In us grow deep scars,
And a mother somewhere orphaned -
Her child - in Ponar.
Now the river too is prisoner
Is enmeshed in pain
While the blocks of ice tear through her,
To the ocean strain.
Still, things frozen melt, remember,
And cold winds to warmth surreder
Future bring a smile
So calls your child,
So calls your child.

Quiet quiet, wells grow stronger
Deep within our hearts,
Till the gates are there no longer,
No sound must impart.
Child, rejoice not, it's your smiling
That is not allowed
Let the foe encounter springtime
As an autumn cloud.
Let the well flow gently onward
Silent be and dream.
Coming freedom brings your father,
Slumber, child serene.
As the river liberated,
Springtime green is celebrated
Kindle freedom's light,
It is your right.
It is your right!

This is a song of the Vilno ghetto, referring to Ponar (Panerai in today's Lithuania), a slaughter site during World War II. An eleven-year old boy Alex Wolkoviski wrote this prize-winning melody in a ghetto contest. Wolkoviski, presently Tamir, is a composer in Israel.


Added July 2nd, 1999