Sing a Song of Sixpence

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English Lyrics

zingt a shabes zemer
a teler ful mit yoykh
fir un tsvantsig rebes
fuln on di boykh

ven men teylt di shrayem
tut zikh oyf tish un benk
kodoysh kodoysh shrayt a yeder
baym litvak iz a krenk

di rebes zogn toyre
farshteyt men den a vort?
der litvak art a kashe
iz den do dos ort?

di rebetsen tseflamt zikh
mit gor groys kavone
der gabe shteyt un halt ir inter
zey zenen mekhadesh der levone


This translation is mostly wrong; help!

Sing a Shabbes song
A plate full of broth
Twenty-four rabbis
With full bellies

When one (?)
They do on the table and bless
"Holy holy!" screams a (?)
By the Litvak is a crank.

The rabbis speak of Torah
Then does one understand a word?
The Litvak eats a kashe
Is there then any room?

The rebbetzin burned herself
Entirely with great fervour
The gabbai (?)
They are from the the new moon


Added March 29th, 2000