The Raven

Hugh Blumenfeld

Hugh Blumenfeld

English Lyrics

The Raven

After the rain
came months of fog
man and beast
were sick as dogs

Borne on the flood
seeking haven
before he sent the dove
Noah sent the raven

He slid the plank
from the ark window
yellow eye
grew very narrow

And Noah cried,
"Great God above
to this most loathed of your creatures
show your love"

Tiger paced
grey wolf howled
viper hissed
monkey scowled

Grizzly grumbled
mammoth blew
the doves all fluttered
raven - flew!

He set the bird
set it in the sky
a croaking mote
in God's blue eye

And the raven's black
irridescent wing
made an ebony rainbow
shimmering, shimmering

And the water glowed
with a greenish light
the scavenger
Hunted all night

And the raven stayed
true to his red creed
and brought back entrails
for his master to read:

"You will drive your plow
Through shallow graves
And plant your vines
In the mouths of babes

And pitch your tents
On heaps of bones,
And tune your harp
Where the wild wind moans."

After the rain
seeking haven
In the Beginning
went the Raven....

) 1997 Hugh Blumenfeld/Hydrogen Jukebox Music


"Before he sent the dove, Noah sent the Raven" The first creature to venture into the post-holocaust world of The Flood was the carrion eater; remembering this evokes images not usually associated with the story of Noah we learn as children. The song was commissioned by St. Louis Hillel in November 1997. From the CD "Big Red" (Brambus, 2000).


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