Unter Der Geller Late

Haim Leyvik


English Lyrics

[ Transliterated-
see Jordan shvimt

Unter Der Geller Late
Macht Dineh Oygen Tsoo,
In Dachau Iz Dayn Tateh,
Shloft,Myn Kind,Loo Loo (2)

In Dachau Vos Tut Er?
Un Voo Iz Dachau Voo?
Dayn Tateh Iz A Yid A Guter,
Zay A Guter Yid Oyf Doo.

A Mol Iz Roit Di Late
Un A Mol Iz Di Late Gehl
A Cholem, Kind, Dyn Tateh
Baveyzt Zich Oyf Undzer Shvel.

An Eybiker Dyn Tate,
Azoi Vi Di Eybiker Ru,
Azoi Vi Di Gelle Late
Shlof, Meyn Kind, Loo Loo(2)



This is a Holocaust song. One that I learned in Peretz Shule at a young age. I noticed that it wasn't in your database so and I felt this song should be heard by All. I am deeply sorry for not attaching an audio clip or version of the song , I too look for one on the internet. Please learn this song and teach it to your Children. Thank You Gute Gezeilt, Un Fon Dyn Moyl Zo Got's Oyern!


Added October 28th, 2001