Yid Du Partizaner

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Shmerke Kaczerginsky

Hebrew Lyrics

Fun di getos tsife vent
In di velder fraye
Anshtot keytn af di hent
Kh'halt a biks a nayem
Af di oyfgabes mayn fraynt
Kusht mikh haldz un aktsl
Mitn biks bin ikh fun haynt
Fest tsunoyfgevaksn.

Veynik zenen mir in tsol,
Drayster vi milyonen
Raysen mir af barg un tol
Brikn ershalonen.
Dem fashist fartsitert vert,
Veyst nit vu fun vanen
Shturmen yidn fun unter der erd,
Yidn partizanen.

S'vot nekome hot a zin
Ven mit blut farshraybst im
Far dem heylikn bagin
Firn mir di shtraytn
Neyn! mir veln nit keynmol zayn
Di letste mohikaner
Brengt di nakht der zunenshayn
Der yid, der partizaner.


From these ghetto prison walls
Into the free forests
Instead of chains on my hands
I carry a new rifle
On missions, my friend kisses me
Throat and shoulder
>From this day on
I am one with my weapon.

We are few in number
But we count for millions.
On hills and in valleys
We explode bridges, brigades.
The fascist will tremble
Won't know from where
Jews, partisans,
Storm up from under the earth.

A word like "revenge" counts for something
When you're illing to write it in blood.
We strike before
Sacred day's dawn.
And no! We will not be the last,
The Last of the Mohicans
We bring sunshine to the night,
Jews Partisans!

The lyrics of this song were written by Shmerke Kaczerginsky (1908-1954).(from jewish-music list - www.shamash.org) The song is on the CD Ghetto Tango - Wartime Yiddish Theater by Adrienne Cooper and Zalmen Mlotek (Traditional Crossroads).


Added February 11th, 2002