Yidden (Kimt Aheym)

German Band

Mordechai Ben David

Yiddish Lyrics

Verse 1

Plutzling hert men nayes als vert opgeshtelt -- mit a yutz
M'loift fun alle zeitn fun der ganze velt -- on a putz
Arum Yerushalayim -- a kol vos tzit
Milyonen shofros shraiyn -- m'vert nisht mid
Siz Yom Tov in di gassen alle fil


Yidden, Yidden, kumt aheim!
Moshiach vet shreiyin
In di gassen fin Yerushalyaim

Yidden, Yidden, kumt tzu gein!
Mit liebschaft mit sholem
Siz emes, es iz nischt kein cholem

(First ending, chorus):
Lechaim, liebe Yidden,
Zeit freilach und zufrieden
Hashem Elokenu, Hashem echad ...
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(Second ending, chorus):
Lechaim, gite brieder
Tanzt un freit aich vider
Hashem Elokenu, Hashem echad

Verse 2

Punkt yetzt vi matan Torah yeder oysgehelt -- mit a schreck
Di herzer alle freilach mit farenigtkheit -- ganze dreck
Das ganze liebsheft geben -- far yeden Yid
Nar zehen das gits by yeden -- vi voil vi git
Er kimt, er kimt nach heint -- oib yeder vil.

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Approximate translation (I don't speak Yiddish):

Verse 1

Suddenly news is heard, everything stops -- all at once
People run from all sides, from the whole world --
Around Jerusalem a sound that goes on
millions of shofars (ram's horms) calling -- nobody tires
It's Yom Tov (a Holiday) and the streets are all full.


Yidden (Jews), come home.
Maschiah (The Messiah) is crying out
In the streets of Jerusalem.

Yidden come along
with love, with peace --
This is the truth -- it's not a dream.

(First ending, chorus)
Lechaim (To life), dear Yidden
Be happy and content
Hashem (the Almighty) our G-d, Hashem is One.

(Second ending, chorus)
Lechaim, good brothers,
Dance and be happy again
Hashem elokenu, Hashem is One.

Verse 2

Now, just as at the giving of the Torah, everyone was cured
-- all at once
All hearts are gladdened with pleasure -- all Israel
To give all your love for every Jew
To see only good by everyone -- so well, so good,
He comes, he comes .... even today if all will want

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These lyrics were printed in hebrew script on one of the Mordechai ben David cassettes (probably Jerusalem Not For Sale). I don't speak Yiddish, so the translation is approximate. Wherever I'm not sure of the meaning, I have put two question marks (??) adjacent. This song was was performed by a German rock group in 1979 (Obviously with German words). Whom do you think got it from who?


Added April 28th, 2002