Yom Shoah

Elizabeth Best

Elizabeth Best

English Lyrics

On Yom Shoah, Yom Shoah,
God shut his eyes
A curtain was drawn in the night
The sins of the soul
The heart was withdrawn from the light

God full of Mercy
God full of Mercy
The anguished cry never departs
The body may suffer in Shoah and die
Worse still ha shoah of the heart

When Abraham looked to the sea of the night
Did the sparkling stars tenderly shine?
Did the sands of the seashore cry, "Love us!
Your mercy, your mercy, your mercy is mine."
Could Abraham look past the centuries of time
To see land and promised seed filled
Did think, Lord, to ell him of Yom Ha Shoah
Affliction, not your tender will


It took just four years to change morning to midnight
The Gales that blew every shore
And you, God of Mercy, could have held back the winds
In silence, we can't know your will
I feel Your heart Lord and I know you are crying
Ha Shoah, Lord You could have stilled
But your hands were taken in covering your eyes
Your ears stopped the sound of the chill


(c) Elizabeth Best Ph. D. All rights reserved


Recorded in Chattanooga, Creative Discovery Studio 1997 May be used freely


Added December 29th, 2003