Zemer Atik

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Hebrew Lyrics

Od nashuva el nigun atik
vehazemer yif veye'erav
Od gavia meshumar nashik, nashik,
alizei einayim ulevav.

Tovu, tovu ohaleinu
ki machol hiftsi'a
Tovu, tovu ohaleinu,
od nashuva el niguyn atik.


We will return again to an ancient melody
and the song will become beautiful and harmonious.
We'll toast with a chalice of well preserved wine,
With joy in our eyes and hearts.

How goodly are our tents
because there's dancing there.
How goodly are our tents
Again we return to an ancient melody.

clip here from "Maz el!" by the Neshoma Orchestra (the clip is a medley of several Israeli tunes, with Zemer Atik in the beginning)


Added November 28th, 1999