di shvue

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Yiddish Lyrics

brider un shvester fun arbet un noyt
ale vos zaynen tsezeyt un tseshpreyt
tsuzamen, tsuzamen, di fon zi iz greyt
zi flatert fun tsorn, fun blut iz zi royt
a shvue, a shvue oyf lebn un toyt

himl un erd vet undz oyshern
eydes veln zayn di likhtike shtern
a shvue fun blut un a shvue fun trern
mir shvern, mir shvern, mir shvern


brothers and sisters of toil and poverty
all who are dispersed everywhere
together, together, our flag is ready:
waving in wrath, stained red with blood
an oath, an oath on life and death!

heaven and earth will hear us
the bright stars will bear witness
on our oath of blood and our oath of tears:
we swear, we swear, we swear!

`di shvue` (the oath) is the anthem of the Jewish Labor Bund of russia, Lithuania and Poland, sung by Jewish workers and Socialists in Europe and the United States, Sh. An-sky (Samuel Rapoport) (1863 - 1920), who wrote the lyrics, is the author of "Between Two Worlds: The Dibek (Dybbuk)" and 15 volumes of essays, poems, plays and more.


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