A Pastechl Yiddish My thanks to Inna Barmash for directing me to the words of what was a long-lost song. My father, born in Lodz, Poland, in 1906, migrated to Australia in 1938. He had a wonderful tenor voice and was always singing ( when not attending meetings and other political commitments!). This was one of the songs he sang, but I don't remember him singing more than the first verse and the chorus. As I recall, his version of the refrain was re-worded (he often did this) into a mixture of Polish, singing language and Yiddish: thus 'Bida, bidu, as is nisht du/ Yakzhe ya a do-o-mu. (I think domu or something like it means 'home' in Polish.) I wish i could hear him sing it again... Many thanks, June Factor
Arbetslosen marsch - Song of the unemployed Gebirtig Gebirtig Yiddish music here: <a href= Target="_bl
Beygelach Kammen sheyn Yiddish From Theodore Bikel sings Yiddish Theatre and Folk Songs. Clip here from the Barry Sisters' CD Their Greatest Hits
Bin Ikh Mir a Shnayderl Yiddish Clip here from Mark Levy's <a href="/cgi-bin/SoftCart.exe/ydmrk10d.htm?L+s
DER SHNAJDER (DER KRANKER SHNAJDER) S. Ansky Yiddish By S. Ansky pseudonym of playwright SOLOMON ZANVEL RAPPOPORT b. 1863, Vitebsk, Russia [now in Belarus] d. Nov. 8, 1920, Warsaw, Poland Words, translation from the Mloteks. Der schneider neht und neht und neht und hodkadochus hat kein bret und netke schneider netke schneider netke schneider netke steg yhe tailor sews and sews and sews and " ???? " has no bread and the neat (?) tailor neat tailor neat tailor makes a nice/neat sew regards David Abramoff
Dem Milners Trern david karp Yiddish clip here from Leon Lissek's great CD <a href="
Der Dishwasher Yablakoff, Herman (1903-1981) Yablakoff, Herman (1903-1981) Yiddish These lyrics appear as sung by Herman Yablokoff.
Dos Lid Fun Dem Broyt Mark Varshavsky Varshavsky Yiddish
Eyder Ich Leyg Mich Shlofn Spanish This my Granny sang to me. It's about how hard it is to be "working girl" (Micky G.)
Hey Zhankoye Unknown Pete Seeger Yiddish Seeger did the English version. The Yiddish lyricist is unknown.
Lenin mit dem fidl, Trotsky mot dem bas unknown unknown Yiddish I heard this short song only from my Grandfather, who grew up in Mozyr,
Zay Gezunt Chava Alberstein H. Leivick Yiddish Song appears on Chava Alberstein's 1998 album with the Klezmatics, called "The Well". H. Leivick composed the poem about his escape from a Czarist prison in Siberia, from which he fled to America.
Zol Ikh Zayn a Rov (I wish I were a Rabbi) Unknown Unknown Yiddish
di shvue ansky Yiddish `di shvue` (the oath) is the anthem of the Jewish Labor Bund of russia, Lithuania and Poland, sung by Jewish workers and Socialists in Europe and the United States, Sh. An-sky (Samuel Rapoport) (1863 - 1920), who wrote the lyrics, is the author of "Between Two Worlds: The Dibek (Dybbuk)" and 15 volumes of essays, poems, plays and more.
shaan aa Yiddish ssa