Ershter Vals (First Waltz) q q English The Yiddish lyrics are elsewhere on this site. Here's more info on this version from the jewish-music email list ( This version appears on the album "Jewish-American Songs For The Jet Set" (Tikva T-101 [1965]), sung by Cantor Bernie Knee and accompanied by the Irving Fields Trio. The English title is "My Heart Will Be With You", and the lyrics cover only the song's "A" section" q
Vyoch Tyoch Tyoch as sung by francoise atlan Yiddish Boy, boy Sing a pretty song to your girl Girl, girl Listen to the pretty song from your boy! You are my Rokhele (Rochelle) My luck, my blessing My little, my pretty girl! You are my (pride?) My heart, my soul My little my pretty girl Because I love you (so much) without limit. Because something stays (sits) and warms (heats, burns) my heart and makes it go: "Vyoch, chokh, chokh" You are my gift My sun, my moon My little, my pretty girl
Wen ich bin a Rothschild
my yiddische mama English
que bueno es el creador
tsigainer lied folk melody unknown Yiddish i heard it sung along with with"Djankoya" annd other such songs by Jewish