tsigainer lied

folk melody


Yiddish Lyrics

the lyrics is a soviet,or communist propaganda verson of this gypsy song about
the wonderful life sic, fo for minoritys in the new workers paradise i.e. the
soviet union.i am missing afew of the word and would be gratefull if anyone
could spply me with them. di guitar vert geshpilt foon tsigainer full mit
umet oon-----,ba---ert anerkent zainen zai ales brider,fraye folk in sovietn
farband.taw voshe zorgn fahr der morgn .fihl dem becher ohn mit vayn ois mit
fashistn,kapitalistn hulyet bizn tog arain.hcher hecher haib dem becher hulyet
bizn tog arien!!


the guitar is played by gypsies, full of anguish and----? thehey are now
recognised as brothers free peoples in the soviet union. so have no sorrows
for the morrow.pour your glasses full with wine.dwwn with fascists and
capitalists.celebrate till the break of day. wow tats almost a rhiming

i heard it sung along with with"Djankoya" annd other such songs by Jewish


Added March 18th, 2004