En estos alegros dos dias



Judeo-spanish Lyrics

En estos alegros dos dias
llamados el alegre Purim
porque en ese yom
tovimos muchos nissim
comamos bebamos
y alegros estamos
con el pueblo de Israel
Amen Amen Amen


In these two merry days called the merry Purim..
(because in these days we've had so many miracles)
let's drink.let's eat
let's rejoice
with all the people of Israel
Amen Amen Amen

This song-.recollected by the Italian musicologist Miriam Meghnagi- is a Purim song from the Italian Sephardic Community of Livorno (Leghorn). The language of the song isn't (technically) ladino but "bagitto" or "bajitto". Bagitto was the peculiar dialect of the Sephardim of Livorno...a mix of Spanish-Portuguese-Hebrew and a bit of Italian words...In this song you see mainly the Spanish component...with the Hebrew words yom- nissim-amen and Israel The official language of the Community of Livorno has been Portuguese till the end of the XVIII century..when Italian has taken its place. In every-day life bagitto has disappeared 100 years ago..and only Italian is used now.


Added September 12th, 2000