Gebojrn in a sajdn hemdl


R. Bojmwol

Yiddish Lyrics

Gebojrn in a sajdn hemdl

Ich bin gebojrn in a sajdn hemdl
In sajdn hemdl fun majn muterschprach
Wuhin ich sol nit kern sich un wendn
Baschizt es mich un waremt tog un nacht

Es flegt der wint aroprajsn majn hitl
Di schtejner bejs zeflikn majne schich
Di klejder ch'hob in weg ojf brojt gebitn
Un blojs dos hemdl chhob gelosn sich

Es flegn trefn sich ojch jene gute
Wos senen grejt gewen mir gebn gold
Abi nor sejer rachwesdikn futer
Ojf hojln lajb ch'wolt onzien gewolt

Wen kumen wet zu majne teg an ende
Un blajbn wel ich ergez in der mit
Is dekt mich iber mit majn sajdn hemdl
Wos in majn schwern weg hob ich farhit

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Born in a silken robe

I was born in a robe made of silk
In a silken robe of my mother tongue
Wherever I go and turn
It guards me day and night
The wind sweeps away my hat
Sharp-broken pebbles wear out my shoes
On the way I exchanged my clothes for bread
And all I have left is my silken robe
Sometimes I used to meet those good people
Who were ready to give me gold for it
Instead of their comfortable fur coats
I chose to wear my robe bare on my skin
When my days draw to an end
And I remain somewhere forever
Wrap me over with my silken robe
Which I handled carefully on my hard journey

Singer: Nizza Thobi
David Records -Munic
Copyright: Powermusic Agency & David Records- Munic
All rights reserved

Gebojrn in a sajdn hemdl This song is a parable on the vital value of the native Jiddish language. The silken shirt of the inherited mother tongue is like a second skin which should never be given away. The threat of loosing it arises mainly abroad where the danger of loosing ones linguistic identity is particularly imminent. Copyright: Powermusic Agency & David Records- Munic All rights reserved


Added April 18th, 2002