Mah nishta na

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Hebrew Lyrics

Mah nishtanah ha layla hazeh mechol haleylot
Shebchol haleylot anu ochlin Hametz u'matzah. Halaylah hazeh kulo
Shebchol haleylot anu ochlin shar yeraqot. Halaylah hazeh maror?
Shebchol haleylot Eyn anu matkilin apilu pa'am echat. Halaylah hazeh
Shebchol haleylot anu ochlin beyn yosh'vin u'beyn m'muvin. Halaylah
hazeh kulanu


Why this night is different from all other nights
On all other nights we may eat bread or matsah;Why on this
night only matsah?
On any other night we may eat any kind of salad greens;Why
on this night bitter
On all other nights we need not dip food in any other, not
even once;Why on
this night must we dip greens twice,the salad greens in
salt water and the
bitter herbs in charoses?
On all other nights we may sit upright or at ease;why on
this night are we all
at ease


Added January 14th, 2002