Sacred Moment

Bella Bogart

Bella Bogart/Debbie Hafetz

German Lyrics

As you share this sacred moment
Filled with wonder,wrapped in love
Like a chuppah to live under
Shechinah's wings are spread above

May your heart's turn toward each other
Spirit's light shine on your face
Let understanding,faith and patience
Make your home a holy place

For you are your beloved's
And now both are doubly blessed
In safety, warmth and comfort
Forsaking all the rest

And in your times of trouble
Vow to hold each other near
Then as you cross this narrow bridge
Your love will conquer fear

You have promised to each other
Acceptance, truth and love
Ever lasting and ever present
As it should be - as it was


You must know this sacred moment
As a beginning with no end
We bless this holy union
And let us say - Amen


This song was written for the wedding of Mitch feld & Alice reiter Feld in June of 1996, and has been performed at dozens of weddings since. It was recorded by the composers Bella Bogart & Debbie Hafetz (Lev Orah) on their first CD. "100 Blessings" which is available through Tara, Soundswrite or by contacting [email protected]


Added March 21st, 2001