Der Alter Menashe Yiddish
Der Vinter Mark Warshawsky Mark Warshawsky Yiddish
Eili, Eili, Lamo Azovtanu Peretz J.K. Sandler Peretz J.K. Sandler Yiddish The sheet music was published by G. Schirmer, Inc. New York Sandler compose
Papirosn (in Russian) Russian
Papirossen dudu fisher Herman Yablakoff Yiddish I first heard this song from a track by Tzipi Zarenkin and I liked it so much that I had to research it. The translation is mostly mine, but there are one or two words which I could not translate,e.g.`kosikl,benemones. I would appreciate a feedback for any mistakes that you find. A kosikl is a small basket. CORRECT : KOSHIK = small basket (in Ukrainian.) BENEMONES = I'm shure about it