Dize la nuestra novia

prieto, antonio

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Judeo-spanish Lyrics

Dize la nuestra novia
como se llama la cabeza.
No se llama la cabeza
sino campos despaciosos
pase la novia y goce al novio.

Como se llama el cabello.
No se llama cabello
sino seda de labrar.
Ay mi seda de labrar...

Como se llama la frente
no se llama frente
sino espada reluciente.
Ay mi espada reluciente...

Como se llaman las cejas
no se llaman cejas
sino cintas del telar
Ay mis cintas del telar...

Como se llaman los ojos
no se llaman ojos
sino ricos miradores.
Ay mis ricos miradores...

Como se llama la nari
no se llama nari
sino datil datilar.
Ay mi datil datilar...

Como se llama la cara
no se llama cara
sino rosa del rosal.
Ay mi rosa del rosal...

Como se llaman los labios
no se llaman labios
sino filos de coral.
Ay mis filos de coral...


Tell our bride
how one calls the head.
One does not say head,
but wide field of joy.
The bride comes and looks at the bridegroom

How one calls the hair.
One does not say hair
but dark silk.
Ay my dark silk...

How one calls the forehead
one does not say forehead
but lightning sword.
Ay my lightning sword...

How one calls the eyebrows
one does not say eyebrow
but strips from the (textile) mill
Ay my strips from the mill...

How one calls the eyes
one does not say eyes
but precious viewpoints.
Ay my precious viewpoints...

How one calls the nose
one does not say nose
but date from the date palm
ay my date from the date palm

How one calls the face
one does not say face
but rose from the garden (of roses).
Ay my rose from the garden...

How one calls the lips
one does not say lips
but rows of coral.
Ay my rows of coral...

PLEASE HAVE THE WHOLE SONG TRANSLATED, SO MORE PEOPLE IN THE GROUP CAN UNDERSTAND IT. THANKS. ([email protected]) This favorite wedding song is often sung in cumulative form. The bride asks for various parts of her body, and the answers are whimsically lyrical: her hair is spun silk, her eyes deepest mirrors, ... , her breasts two lemons. Other versions continue unabashedly downwards. The lyrics are from the booklet to a CD by Jaquin Diaz I have tried to translate the other verses, the sixth is lacking([email protected]) This favorite wedding song is often sung in cumulative form. The bride asks


Added April 26th, 2001