Iz Gekumen Der Feter Nussen

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Yiddish Lyrics

Iz gekumen der feter Nussen
Un hot gebracht dem scheynen chossen
Scheyn, fayn, der feter Nussen
Hot gebracht dem scheynen chossen.

Iz gekumen di bobeh Krayneh
Un hot gebracht machatonim fayneh
Scheyn, fayn, di bobeh Krayneh
Hot gebracht machatonim fayneh.

Is gekumen di mumeh Maleh
Un hot gebracht di scheyneh kaleh
Scheyn, fayn, di mumeh Maleh
Hot gebracht di scheyneh kaleh.

Is gekumen der Rabbi zum seygen
glick un freud uf alle weygen
Scheyn, fayn, so hibbsch und fayn
Glick un freud uf alle weygen


Uncle Nathan has come
and brought along the handsome groom.

Grandmother Krayneh has come
and brought along the fine in-laws.

Aunt Maleh has come
and brought along the beautiful bride.

The Rabbi has come for the blessing
Good luck and joy on every road

Khossen (groom), bobe (grandmother), makhatonim (in-laws) and kaleh (bride) should not be taken for person names, such as Nossen (Nathan), Krayneh or Maleh. "Kaleh" or "Maleh" sounds better than "kale" or "Male", which are quite confusing. I think "aunt" to be "mumeh", not "tante". As a matter of fact, I'd rather pronounce it "mimeh", as it used to be in Poland (the same for "gekimen")


Added July 12th, 1999