Old Favorites

A Jewish Odyssey CD Album, PUT182-2 ISBN 1587590328 11 songs in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Ladino: "Di Goldene Pave" (Chava Alberst
Hine mah tov Psalm 133:1 Hebrew I first learned this song while living on a kibbutz in Israel. Although it is based on Psalm 121, it was often sung by the pioneers of the kibbutz movement, many of whom made aliyah at the close of the 19th century.
Kol HaKavod Dov Zeltzer Dan Almagor Hebrew It's a song from the musical movie "Kazablan", a hit in Israel at the 70's. The Moroccan imigrants are called "Kazablan" or "Kaza", and at that time most were of a low social level. The singer Yehoram Gaon plays a Moroccan imigrant that falls in love by a girl of higher social level. As he is a naughty boy, her father doesn't accept the courtship and says that this guy doesn't deserve any respect. Kaza defends himself with the song Kol Hakavod - all respect. Dan Almagor explains more about "Kasablan," the character and the musica
Kol Hakavod Elisheva Shomron avi toledano Hebrew
Kol haKavod D. Zeltzer D. Almagor Russian It's a song from the musical movie "Kazablan", a hit in Israel at the 70
Kol hakavod unknown narkis English
Italech ha tzvi atsuv Hebrew
Tzena, Tzena Issachar Miron English "moshav" is a collective farm "tzena" can also be transliterated "tsena"
eize boker zehava ben Ma Yihye Hebrew