Hey Diddle Diddle (to the tune of) English
Hey Dzhankoye (Az men fort kayn Sevastopol) Yiddish This Crimean farm song became popular in the United States, Canada, and Palestine. clip here from Rebbecca West's website and her album A Bisl Libe and a Bisele Glik
Hilula Ethnix English THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE, WITH THANKS TO ZEMERL. http://www.hebrewsongs.com . . . . . . . . .
Hiney Tov Meod Gordon Lustig Psalm 133 Hebrew THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE, WITH THANKS TO ZEMERL. http://www.hebrewsongs.com . . . . . . . . .
Hopkele Alexander Olshanetsky Jacob Jacobs Yiddish clip here from the Klezmer Conservatory Band's CD <a href="http://www.jewi
Hot a Yid a Vaybele MorrisGoldstein MorrisGoldstein Yiddish Sheet music with lyrics to this song is available in The Kammen Folio of Famous Jewish Theatre Songs, volume 1.
Hulyet, Hulyet, Kinderlekh Mordekhai Gebirtig Mordekhai Gebirtig Yiddish clip here from the recording <a href-="http://www.jewishmusic.com/cgi-bin/
If I Were a Rich Man (from the Fiddler on the Roof) French clip here is by one of the great klezmer clarinet masters Giora Fiedman from his CD The Dance of Joy
Ikh Bin A "Boarder" Bay Mayn Vayb (I am a boarder at my wife's) Rubin Doctor Rubin Doctor Yiddish You can find lyrics in Yiddish and transliteration, clips, and other info about this song here: http://www.library.upenn.edu/friends/freed/sampler/ikh.html
Ikh Zing Abraham Ellstein Molly Picon Yiddish (from Mendele archives) One place the Yiddish lyrics (along with the sheet music) can be found is the New York Times "Great Songs of the Yiddish Theater" (1975). Lyrics by Molly Picon, Music by Abraham Ellstein, from the film "Mamele." The version with which I am familiar is on "Jan Peerce on 2nd Avenue."
Ikh vil tsurik aheym Alexander Olshanetsky Yiddish Olshanetsky was a composer and performer of Yiddish theater and litergical music in the 40s. He also conducted one of Sam Sterner's Rosh Hashono choirs.
Im nin'alu Rav Shalom Shaba Ranx Rav Shalom Shabazi Hebrew This song is sung in Hebrew-Yemenite...with all the peculiarities of the pronunciation. Gimel is J..Vav is Wa..all the vowels are completely different from standard Hebrew. I tried to write a phonetic version of the song as sung by Ofra Haza. In this song Rabbi Shalom Shabazi (Yemen..16th century) imitated the vision of Ezekiel. THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE, WITH THANKS TO ZEMERL. http://www.hebrewsongs.com . . . . . . . . .
Indroysn / Di bekeray Yiddish
Irme Quiero, La Mi Madre English clip here from the Western Wind's CD <a href="www.jewishmusic.com//cgi-bin
Israel Veorayta Hebrew THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE, WITH THANKS TO ZEMERL. http://www.hebrewsongs.com . . . . . . . . .
Kaddish Salamone Rossi Liturgy Aramaic Technically, the Kaddish is in Aramaic, not Hebrew.
Kalaniyot Moshe Vilenskiy Natan Alterman Hebrew clip here from CD <a href="http://www.jewishmusic.com/cgi-bin/SoftCart.exe/i
Kalt Vaser Secunda Yiddish the song is a typical american yiddish theater song It was interpreted 30 years ago by Bikel together with other songs of the yiddish theater. This 33 record is now available on CD as well.
Katerina Molodica Yiddish It's version sung by greate yiddish singer Nekhama Lifshitsajte (now in Israel). The words "Katerina-molodica, podi sjuda" & music on which they sang are from Ukrajnian folksong.
Kinder Yorn Gebirtig, Mordkhe (1877-1942) Gebirtig, Mordkhe (1877-1942) Yiddish A melancholy song about our children's years I have heard several versions of this popular song. My favourite is one by Chava Alberstein, arranged for cello, piano, children's chorus and solo voice. It can be found on Alberstein's "Yiddish Songs Collection" CD. It is the most heartfelt and beautiful version of "Kinder Yorn". . The real audio clip featured here is from a beautiful recording by the Kol Aviv Ensemble with Talila, "Chants Yiddish - Yiddish Songs". Click here to find out more about it.
Kiria Yefefia Hebrew 17th century Yemenite (Jewish) song
Klezmorimlex Yiddish A very sad departure song, departure into death. (The "x" in the lyrics should be "ch" or "kh") There is a recording of this song on the Klezmatics newest CD "Rise Up! Shteyt oyf!". -a very haunting song.
Kol Nedarai Hebrew
Kova Shel Kash Matitiahou Arieli Hebrew
La Bendision di Madre (Mother's Benediction) Judeo-spanish Clip here by <a href="http://www.tanjasolnik.com">Tanja Solnik</a>
La Rosa Enflorese Judeo-spanish A love-song from Turkey and/or Greece (then under Turkish dominion)"Bilbilicos" comes from the Turkish "bulbul" 'nightingale'. In many Sephardic communities the piyyut "Tsur Mishlo Achalnu" is sung at the first Sabbath meal in the tune of this Sephardic love song.
La Vida Do Por El Raqum Judeo-spanish Lyrics corrections: La vida do por el raqui no havlo con dinguno Translation: I give my life for raqui (it's a type of alcohol from the Balkans) I cannot give it up I never got bored (tired of) of loving it so much When it is in the barrel I don't talk to anybody But when I get on fire (Kior=C'mo Or ; Kandil=gas lamp) I even fall in the mud This is a song about Raque, raqui or raquia, a type of alcohol still popular in the Balkans and Turkey , and the effects it has on people.
La muerte del duque de Gandia Judeo-spanish The ballad reports of the mysterious assasination of Juan Borgia, Duque de Gandia, son of the pope Alejandro VI. The romance appears in an old publications of Timoneda in 1573, Mendaqo in 1588, or Juan Vicente Franco in 1607. Although the Sephardic texts are fragments, they are a vivid testimony of the ballad that was not conserved by the oral tradition on the Iberian peninsula. The lyrics is from the collection Menendez-Pidal by Armistead et.al.
Las quejas de Ximena La entrega de la Ley traditional (Romancero) Judeo-spanish This is an old ballad. Jimena appears before the King of Leon to demand justice in reparation for the death of her father at the hands of The Cid (XIth century). The kings solution is to marry Jimena to The Cid himself.
Lavava y suspirava traditional Judeo-spanish The ballad of Don Buesco (see Una tarde de verano) has many variants. This also popular one can be traced back to Jaen that lies at the frontier of Andalus.
Lena from Palesteena J. Russel Robinson & Con Conrad English as performed by Billy Murray, Fred Whitehouse ("The Record Singer"), Frank Crumit, and by George Schmidt of the New Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra.
Leybke Mordekhay Gebirtig (1877-1942) Mordekhay Gebirtig (1877-1942) Yiddish
Lid des Bundes Papiernikov Spanish from http://angerweit.tikon.ch/lieder/folk-jid/solsajn.phtml (finds chords to the song there) this song is by Papiernikov the Yiddish poet who lived in Israel - title is incorrect. It is called Zol Zayn, which is the title of a video from Israel (I think you can get it from Beit Hatfutzot.) Keep up the great work. It's a poet's philosphy. Let it be that I build my castles in the air. It's better in my dreams ... etc. If you like I'll give you a complete translation. fondly sylvia schildt
Lo Halecha Hebrew The title of this song is Lo Alecha (no H)! Separate commenter here--I th
Lomir Zikh Freyen! (Hava Nagila) hava nagila English This is the Yiddish version of this notorious song.
Lomir zich iberbetn Unknown Unknown Yiddish According to my Polish (Lublin) mother, this song was one of many sung & dramatically acted out for entertainment at weddings in the days when unmarried men & women could dance together only by holding the opposite corners of a handkercheif high in the air between them. What an appropriate message for today's and all times - Let's make up!
Los Bilbilicos (The Nightingales) Judeo-spanish clip here from Ladino Ballads-Romances performed by Yehoram Gaon. sheet music here In many Sephardic communities the piyyut "Tsur Mishlo Achalnu" is sung at the first Sabbath meal in the tune of this Sephardic love song. This particular version was sung by my grandmother...she came from the coa
Mai ko mashme-lon abraham reizen Yiddish A Talmudic student's lament <p> The clip featured here is from Jan Peerce
Matchmaker (from the Fiddler on the Roof) Jerry Bock Sheldon Harnick Polish clip here from an interpretation of this song by one of the avantgarde k
Mayim Mayim A. Pugachov Isaiah 12:3 Hebrew One of the earliest Israeli folk dances. And still one of the best.
Mayn Yiddishe Meydele Sholom Secunda Anshel Schorr Yiddish clip here from the Klezmer Conservatory Band's CD <a href="http://www.jewi
Maz'l (Fortune) Abraham Ellstein Molly Picon Yiddish clip here from CD <a href="http://www.jewishmusic.com//cgi-bin/SoftCart.ex
Mi Coracsn Judeo-spanish
Mi Shebeirach Debbie Friedman Debbie Friedman English clip here from Debbie Friedman's CD <a href="http://www.jewishmusic.com/cg
Mi Vino Judeo-spanish
Miracle of Miracles (from Fiddler on the Roof) English printed piano score for Miracle of Miracles
Miriam's Song Rock Voisine Thomas Moore Hebrew clip here from Debbie Friedman's CD <a href="http://www.jewishmusic.com/cg
Mitachat Hashamayim Ofra Haza Latet Hebrew
Mitoch Hachasecha
Momele (Mother Dear) M. Parish A. Alstone, & A. Goodhart Yiddish Leon Lissek sings this song beautifully in English and Yiddish on the clip featured here (it's from his CD L'Chaim. 5/17/02 There is a word missing in the lyric...the missing word is "Tired" "[ } eyes wrinkled hands and the loving heart that always understands..." I think the word is "Faded." Thanks for helping me come up with a Mother's Day program.
Morena Me Llaman beyome chichi Judy Frankel Judeo-spanish clip here from CD Morena by the Gerald Edery Ensemble This seems to be the same song as Morenika. The Hebrew version, Shecharchoret is here 2024-03-09 Corrected the English translation to match the order of the Spanish choruses :)
Morenika Judeo-spanish There is a Hebrew version of this song called Shecharchoret Clip here from this page: http://www.hagalil.com/sfarad/ladino-3.htm This is the same song as Morena Me Llaman
My Yiddishe Mame Lew Pollack English please send it in Yidish and / or Spanish to :in Yiddish [email protected] Just so you know, the Yiddish opening doesn't translate to your English op
My Yiddishe Momme (English version) Jack Yellen and Lew Pollack Jack Yellen English These lyrics were deciphered from a Connie Francis tape (found on the jewish-music list archive at http://www.shamash.org/lis tarchives/jewish-music/971120
Naase Shalom Hebrew
Nem Mikh Mit Tsu der Ballgeym (Take me Out to the Ball Game) janet jackson America This song appears on Mandy Patinkin's CD <a href="http://www.jewishmusic.c
Nitzanim Nachum Hayman Bible-Song of Solomon 2:12 Hebrew Composer of popular melody with accompanying folk dance: Nachum Hayman Fr
OR Hebrew i.v.vary nice song in deed about the sun
Ochi Chyornie (Dark Eyes) Russian not quite Jewish, but close enough... this is one of the most popular gypsy ballads. this is one of the most popular gypsy ballads.
Od Lo Ahavti (I haven't Yet Loved) Naomi Shemer Naomi Shemer Hebrew A humorous and slightly cynical song about a young man who refuses marriage, explaining that he is not ready to settle down because he hasn't built cities and villages, but most importantly, he hasn't loved enough.
Of Noded Traditional Hebrew This song arrives from Persia /Iran
Ole Ole Hebrew You can find an MP3 file using Kazaa file sharing. Access it under Ole Ole Israel
Ose Shalom Bimromav Nurit Hirsh all Hebrew Ever-important words, many beautiful melodies.
Oy! Vey! Rebeynu Yiddish from the jewish-music listserv: I learned it a few months ago in Berlin from the beautiful norwegian yiddish singer Bente Kahan. Michel Sara: I was just in Vilne (and I too learned it from Bente!) but I've also heard it go by the name of "Twish'n Kosef un Kitef". There are a lot of verses,and I don't speak enough Yiddish that I remember any of them. The verses are all about 'Between Kosef and Kitef is a little [something], where [I learned this as avu, not futer -?] the Baal Shem [founder of Hasidism] would [do something]. The somethings vary with each verse.
Oyfn Pripetchik moshi Mark Warshavsky Yiddish Here is another recording of this song from the beautiful CD "The Best Yiddish Songs"by Tzipi Zarenkin, click here to listen to the clip.
Oyfn Veg Shteyt A Boym (Manger) Yitsik Manger Yiddish you can find sheet music here: http://www.uni-essen.de/~jmp100/EsAC/java/notensuch_1.cgi? Lied=22 (comments from this page The Bent Tree Like many of the songs by Itsik Manger, this one is also based on Yiddish folk songs. Its opening phrase comes from a folk song expressing longing for Zion: "Oyfn veg shteyt a boym, shteyt er ayngeboygn / Fort a yid keyn erets-yisrol mit farveynte oygn" (On the wayside stands a bent tree; a Jew is leaving for Palestine with weeping eyes), as well as from a love song: "Dortn oyf a bergele shteyt nokh a beymele / Dos beymele iz shoynj lang ayngeboygn" (Over there, on a hill stands a bent tree). A century earlier this same theme was also treated by the Yiddish folk poet S. Bernshteyn in his poem "Di Treyst" published in 1880); "Um vinter, zet, vi dos beyml shteyt nebekh ayngebogn / vet es koym derkenen, feygelekh zaynen derfun afekgefloygn. / Vey iz mir, klogt eifar dir, vuhin mayn griner shal? / Mayn zun, mayn glik, mayn sheyne muzik, mayn ziser nakhtigall" (In winter see how the poor tree stands bent ... the birds have flown away. "Woe is me," it cries. "Where is my green shawl, my sun, my joy, my beatiful music, my sweet nightingale!")
Oyfn Veg Shteyt a Boym Yiddish This popular Zionist song expresses the religious Jews' yearning for Eretz Isroyel, despite the arduous journey. My father sang this song all the time. The words he used were exactly the same as on your site. I know the music. Is there any way to transmit it to you? Maybe i can somehow get the notes. Im not good at the computer and so I DONT KNOW IF THIS IS POSSIBLE.
Papirosn Yiddish Bulgarian folklorist Professor Nikolai Kaufman cites a Bulgarian song with the same melody as an example of songs sung to Romanian urban melodies and popularized in Bulgaria by the circus _kupletist_ [singer of (usually satirical) cabaret songs] Dzhib, whose real name was Iakob Goldshtain. "The melody," Professor Kaufman wrote, "like all his other melodies, came from Romania, his birthplace. He came to Bulgaria around 1919.... Dzhib sang all his songs to Romanian, or rather Romanian-Jewish melodies.... Yablokoff's song 'Papirosn' [written in Kovno in 1922, but not popularized by Yablokoff until some ten years later] probably had the same origin as Dzhib's songs---his own text set to a familiar Romanian-Jewish melody." (from Mendele archives, http://shakti.trincoll.edu/~mendele/files/vol07/vo l 07.008.txt
Papirosn (in Russian) kat* Russian
Parnuse in Gezint (Parnase un Gezunt) Max Perlman Yiddish
Partos trocados Traditional Traditional Judeo-spanish A fairy-tale about "changelings". A similar one is <i>"La reina Xarifa mora
Pitchu Li (pischu li) Shlomo Carlebach this tune appears on Shlomo Carlebach <a href="http://www.jewishmusic.com/
Pretty Fly For A Rabbi Primal Concret sledge German Pretty Fly For A Rabbi is the third (3rd) song on the "Running With Scissors" album. It is a parody of "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)" by The Offspring with original song by "Weird Al" Yankovic.
Puff, the Kosher Dragon English The group Ruach recorded this version. I think the song originated in Port
Rabeynu Tam Herts Rubin (1911-1958) Itzik Manger (1911-1969) Yiddish
Rad Hayom Hebrew
Rakefet (Cyclomen) L. Kipnis Hebrew This song is known in Yiddish as Margaritkelekh. Here are the Yiddish lyrics: Margaritkelekh
Retsei Liturgy Hebrew
Roni Bat Tziyon David Loden David Loden Hebrew I have made some changes. For instance MISHPATAYICH not ASHPATAYICH MISHPOTAYCH Pretty good... I think this is how it's sang... at least we do it like this in temple
Rumanye Rumanye Lebedoff, Aaron (1873-1960) Lebedoff, Aaron (1873-1960) Yiddish does anybody know the English translation? And pay attention to Eartha Kit
Sabbath Prayer (from Fiddler on the Roof) Sheldon Harnick Hebrew
Schubert's Standchen (Serenade) schubert rellstab English (reprinted from Mendele Yiddish E-mail List here are more comments from the same list: Subject: Yiddish Lyrics to Schubert's `Staendchen' ("Serenade") Well, I thought I had the answer you wanted. I dragged out my book of Yiddish and Hebrew settings of well-known 19th Lieder and hymns, ("Great Jewish Classics Vol. 3, arranged for voice and piano, Tara Publs., no date, place, editor, etc.) including a Hebrew setting of "Deutschland ueber Alles" by one "J. Rosenblatt, Obercantor, Hamburg" (is that a treasure!?), and came up with a -different- Yiddish rendering of the Schubert favorite, Yiddish credited to one "M. L. Halpern". Here it is. The orthography (in Roman characters) is interesting, too, this is an artifact, so, editor, please keep intact: Stile [sic] shweiben meine tfiles* durch der nacht zu dir Schein is izt in gorten, shtil is kum a rop zu mir Boimer roishen koim zu heren in lewone [!] [sic, vide infra] Ja sei Wilen clorder zeilen Wie ich leid un wein [this line in different font] Nachtigalen kenen shpiren Benkshaft liebesweh, [rpt] Wen sei willen hertzer rihren Weinen, singen sei [rpt] Shain in lewone shain Keiner wet uns do nit sh'teren [': ?] Darfst in shrek nit sain [rpt] Nachtigalen singen, Trelen, Asoi wunderscho"en [the o has umlaut AND e appears] Efen zche dain hartz dos scho"ene [vide supra] Shtois mich nit zu rik Kum zu mir du einzigeine Kum o kum main glik [rpt] O Kum main glik. *"tfiles" is in a different font, showing clear signs of being typed and glued in over something presumably more secular. What a mixed stew of patchwork, ignorance, love, and Schubert (I forget the librettist)! In the front of the book is a listing of "Yiddish texts" for all songs in traditional orthography, in the same font, where the text for this song is given as (my transcription). Shtile shweben majne t'filos Durch der nacht tsu dir Shehn [shin ayin he nun] in itst in gorten shtil iz. Kum arop tsu mir. Boymer royshen koym tsu heren In levonah shejn, Kajner wet unz do nit shteren, Darfst in shrek nit zajn. [and no more]. The book only credits Cantor Noah Schall (no more about him given) for access to his "extensive library of Jewish Music" and Ethnic Music of Carlstadt, NJ, for permission to reprint some Metro Music copyrights. King of antischolarship.
Sei Yona avram avinu Hebrew yemenite love song and dance. This song is sung in Hebrew but with the peculiar traditional Yemenite pronunciation (the vowels are completely different fron standard Israeli hebrew...the gimel is read like "J" etc.etc. clip here by Mazeltones, linked to from mp3.com
Sem Sorok Russian
Sha! Shtil! Yiddish <p>The clip featured here is from the CD <a href="http://www.jewishmusic.c
Sha, sha, der rebe geyt Adolf King Adolf King Spanish The song was written around 1922. That it _was_ popular is attested by the
Shalom Rav steinberg Hebrew Let there be peace in the whole world... <p>clip here from <a href="http:
Sheyn vi di Levone (category misc.) Rumshinsky Tauzberg Yiddish To me, you are as beautiful as the moon, In fact as beautiful as a thousan
Shir Al Etz Hebrew Here's a page on this dance: http://www.sacredcircles.com/THEDANCE/HTML/DANCEPAG/SHIRAL.HTM
Shma Israel (Hear, O Israel) Deuteronomy 6,4-7 Jewish clip here from Cantor Stuart Binder's CD <a href="http://www.jewishmusic.c
Shpil Zhe Mir a Lidele (Play Me a Song) dos is idish English clip here from <a href="http://www.geocities.com/Broadway/ Alley/3017/">t
Shpil, Klezmoremlekh Yiddish My mother sang it to me. She had to learn it in the 1890s in Vladimir Voly
Shvartse Karshelekh Y. L. Cahan frito bandido Yiddish The song can be found in Chana (Eleanor Gordon) Mlotek's _Mir trogn a gezang_, which is avail- able from the Arbeter Ring. Chana Mlotek refers to it as a "folk song, parts of which were published by Y. L. Cahan in 1912." The first stanza "was traced to the 16th century" by Cahan. (from Mendele archives )
Shver Tzu Zayn A Yid Sholom Secunda Itzkhok Perlov Yiddish This was the title song of Harry Rothpearl's production of Sholom Aleykhem's story, Joseph Buloff and Miriam Kressyn and marked Sholom Secunda's final contribution to the Yiddish theater.
Sim Shalom ashrei Hebrew clip here from CD <a href="http://www.jewishmusic.com/cgi- bin/SoftCart.e
Sing a Song of Sixpence English
Tamar y Amnon Ladino
Tayere Malke M. M. Warshavsky M. M. Warshavsky Yiddish The words to Tayere Malke follows: They come from the record "Raasche and Alan Mills"; Folkways Records; Beautifully sung.